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Fjoertour 2023

Will you also be present during Fjoertoer Renesse on Saturday 16 September? Choose from two distances: 7 or 15 kilometers.

Along the way there is plenty to see and experience on the two routes, of 7 and 15 kilometers. Along the way you will come across stalls to eat, drink and get a stamp. Have you collected all the stamps? Then you will receive a Fjoertoer pin at the end of the ride.

A tough, challenging but fantastic hike through the nature reserves, dunes and on the beach of the Kop van Schouwen. Everything, but really everything revolves around experience, surprising art with sometimes special effects! A big compliment to the organization and artists is therefore certainly in order. You will quickly find out how handy the cap with LED light that is in the backpack of the Fjoertoer is handed out when you really walk in the dark. The LED light also provides a beautiful sight when you step out of the walking column and look back at how the long string of people moves. Whether you have ended up in Efteling.

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